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Exhibition: THE WORLD AROUND ME by Madhu Jain (4-8 March 2015)
March 2015

“My travels and experiences have changed my attitude and concepts. Singapore taught me to be “better than the best, never let it rest…” Japan showed me that true beauty lay in nature alone. My creativity also got further enriched by the rural life in India.” Madhu Jain

Madhu Jain is a well-known Indian Artist who is famous for working in Nihonga technique, creating Indian Imagery. She obtained her Diploma in Fine Arts from Sarda Ukil School of Arts in New Delhi in 1963. She studied Sumi-e (Ink Painting) at Baptist Church School and Nihonga (Japanese style painting) at the NHK Bunka Center in Tokyo. 
Madhu Jain has participated in many exhibitions since 1994 in India, Japan and Singapore. Her works have been selected at the prestigious “Nikaten” exhibition held annually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo for six years now. 
The exhibition THE WORLD AROUND MEfirst opens in Tokyo, Japan at the Indian Culture Centre on 20 February 2015 and will subsequently open in Singapore at Galerie Belvedere from 4 to 8 March 2015.This showis a presentation of her art using contemporary Nihonga and Sumi-e.

In recent years, Madhu Jain’s work has been influenced by her travels to the Far East, new creative processes, and has taken a new dimension. In this exhibition, beauties of nature and folk life have been the focus of her creativity and expression. The shimmering blue of the peacock, the purple of the pigeons, the light footed reindeer, the translucent cherry blossoms and orchids, lotus stalks, have caught her fascination and interest.  

Bringing to the fore, ‘joie de vivre’ of countryside folks (of her native Rajasthan) and their voluminous gathered lehengas (skirts), the Desert Dunes and Sunsets, women and pots. Layering of these pigments brought a new richness to her canvas.  

Besides her sense and imagination, what made these works special is the Nihongapalette. This has about 1500 mineral pigments, which are layered with brush, using glue (nikawa) and water on handmade washi paper, each layer drying in between.This art form, originated in India centuries ago and travelled to the Far East, where, in Japan, it was perfected and given the name of Nihonga.

In Sumi-e,the single stroke black ink painting, much like the Zen concept, minimal or only the essence is communicated dropping all unnecessary details. Needless to say, it is beauty condensed and distilled. 

Madhu Jain, Golden Showers