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News on Festive Art Show (18 Dec 2014 to 13 Jan 2015)
Dec 2014

Galerie Belvedere is proud to present the exhibition “Festive Art Show” which celebrates contemporary International painters.

This show is the opportunity to collect or offer affordable artworks by well-known artists such as Andre Tan, Brendan Neiland, Cocky Dujivestjin, Juan Ripolles, Rene Lemay, Sarkasi Said, Tay Bak Koi, Zhu Wei, Cocky Dujivestjin. Prices are $5000 and below

From 18 December 2014 to 13 January 2015.


Rene Lemay, Blue Horse, 2005, (75 x 62 cm), Acrylic on canvas