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Exhibition "Singaporean Talents: A Celebration"
Aug 2014

Galerie Belvedere is proud to present the exhibition “Singaporean Talents: A Celebration” which celebrates nine Singaporean modern and contemporary painters.

The exhibition opens on 4 August until 27 September 2014. This show is the opportunity to discover the artistic dynamism of the City-State.


Dick Lee (b.1957)

Multi-talented Dick Lee has firmly established himself as a composer and performer, often recognised through his works as the spokesperson for the New Asian generation. Lee studied fashion and graduated from the Harrow School of Art in London. Galerie Belvedere is pleased to have launched his career as a visual artist with a first exhibition in 2013, entitled “Imperfect Memory”.


Sarkasi Said (b.1940)

He is considered one of Singapore’s foremost batik painters. Called the “Baron of Batik”, he is known for his audacious and vibrant abstract style, and his mastery in unconventional wax-resist techniques. His works are part of many distinguished public and private collections including those of the Singapore Art Museum, the Sultan of Johor and the Sultan of Brunei.


Chen Wen Hsi (b.1906-1991)

He is one of the celebrated pioneer artists of Singapore, known for his avant-garde painting style. Chen experimented and developed a variety of styles inspired by Fauvism and even Cubism. During his career, he has held 38 solo exhibitions in London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. As a passionate art educator he had greatly influenced many of Singapore’s Second Generation artists. National Gallery Singapore has his works in its Permanent Collection.


Wong Keen (b.1942)

Wong Keen is an artist who spans two worlds and two philosophies; Asian tradition and American individualism. The synthesis of Eastern and Western art makes his works stimulating to Asians and adds a facet of mystery for Western viewers. The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) commemorated him with an exhibition called "A Singapore Abstract Expressionist" in 2007. The Museum also has sixty-three of his works as part of its permanent collection.


Sun Yee (b.1909 – 2009)

A Singaporean Maestro Painter, her works have been met with exhibition successes in  France and Japan. A competent artist of Chinese brush and oil medium, she had exhibited at the Salon des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1953. She established the Singapore Academy of Arts and was an active participant in the emerging Malayan art world. In her art and writings, Sun Yee advocated the development of localised visual idiom based in and around local subject matters. Her works are in the Permanent Collection of the NUS Museum.


Other featured artists: Ong Kim Seng, Andre Tan, Kng Choon Seng, Tay Bak Koi, Foo Chee San.



5 August 2014: The artist Sarkasi Said came to Galerie Belvedere today to have a look at the collective show “ Singaporean Talents: A Celebration".



20 August 2014: The artist Andre Tan came to Galerie Belvedere today to have a look at the collective show “ Singaporean Talents: A Celebration".

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