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"Journeys" by Ong Kim Seng
Nov 2010

Journeys by Ong Kim Seng brings the viewer on a journey to scenic Suzhou, China, the mystical Himalayas, magical Bali and to familiar Singapore scenes revisited with nostalgia and a certain introspection.
Ong Kim Seng is the first Asian outside the United States to be a member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS). He was conferred the prestigious Dolphin Fellowship in 2000 and has won numerous awards from AWS over the past two decades.
Kim Seng continues to paint scenes and subjects in a romanticized manner. As he says, “Each one of my paintings is an expression of how and what I think and how and what I feel. Before painting each work, I go through the process in my mind so that the finished work will not merely catch the viewer’s eye but will stop them in their tracks…it will create a reaction in them. I paint the world not as it is but as I want it to be.”
Ong Kim Seng and Galerie Belvedere have a long and enriching relationship for the past ten years. Galerie Belvedere is the only gallery to represent Ong Kim Seng in Singapore and have held numerous exhibitions of his works.
The exhibition runs from November 12 to November 30 at Galerie Belvedere, 168 Robinson Road, #36-01 Capital Tower Singapore 068912. Opening Hours: 9.30am to 6 pm daily. Contact 6423 1233 or for further information.