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Exhibition: Soul & Sensibilities (5 - 30 November 2015)
October 2015

The exhibition opens at the National Museum of Singapore on 22 October 2015 at 4.30pm by Guest-of-Honour H.E. President Tony Tan. The exhibition will be open to the public from 23 October until 1 November. It will continue at Galerie Belvedere from 5 to 30 November 2015.

Soul & Sensibilitiesis a poetic and captivating collection of artworks showcasing an intricate interaction between photography, Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. Marrying the techniques of the conventional mediums seamlessly, each artistic creation tells of a narrative that is uniquely meaningful to each viewer.

This collection is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between avid photographer Kwek Leng Joo and highly regarded master painter Lin Lu Zai. Leng Joo’s photos reveal the soul of nature while Lu Zai’s strokes and calligraphy add a touch of sensibility. The result is a unique art expression that is much more than the sum of its parts. The moment of realisation that there is another dimension gives this series of artworks its distinguishing persona and impact.

The two created masterpieces through an intuitive and symbiotic understanding of each other’s creative expression. The experience expanded the boundaries of their respective mediums, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. For Leng Joo, the difficult task was distilling noteworthy subjects from the ordinary and composing them in befitting frames that would form as backdrops to Lu Zai’s finishing touches. For Lu Zai, his creativity and imagination were put to the test as he had to interpret Leng Joo’s intent and complement it with suitable calligraphic strokes and paintings. Through this collaboration, Leng Joo and Lu Zai hope to leave behind a legacy that will convey the exquisiteness of nature to more people, and enrich future generations’ appreciation for the natural environment.

The artists have pledged a few artworks to the President’s Challenge 2015 for which they have already raised $200,000. Combined with the sale of catalogues signed by President Tony Tan, the artists have raised over $500,000 for the President’s Challenge 2015 which helps those less fortunate, to build a caring and more cohesive society, and to transform lives through worthy causes related to Sports and the Arts.

Kwek Leng Joo(b. 1953) is the Deputy Chairman of City Developments Limited. Despite his many responsibilities, he is also an avid photographer and has contributed the sales of his works and books to many charitable and environmental causes. As part of his support for the national bid to make Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site,Leng Joo held an exhibition titled Heritage in Green showcasing the Gardens’ beauty and heritage at the Gardens in November 2013. This was followed by a travelling exhibition to promote community outreach of the bid in 2014.In September 2015, Leng Joo launched a limited edition photo art book titled Embrace, featuring images taken at the Gardens. The book is dedicated to the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew for his contributions to Singapore and celebrates the Gardens’ successful inscription as Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Proceeds from the sale of Embracewill be donated to the Botanic Gardens’ “Garden City Fund” to support outreach and maintenance of the Gardens for all to enjoy. Leng Joo is also patron and advisor to several major photo clubs and programmes in Singapore. In 2010, he established the Kwek Leng Joo Prize for Excellence in Photography for students of Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media.

Lin Lu Zai (b. 1963) is an award-winning China-born artist who graduated from the Arts and Technical College in China’s Fujian Province in 1981. He is an accomplished Chinese brush painter who combines the techniques of Chinese brush painting and Western oil painting to create his own characteristic style, which is full of life and vigour. Lu Zai migrated to Singapore in the 1990s. He was awarded a Gold Medal and the Olympic Torch for his remarkable work as the only Singaporean invited to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Fine Arts.In 2012, he was again invited by the National Art Museum of Chinato participate in the London Olympic Fine Arts, held in Beijing in conjunction with the London Olympics. He returned from Beijing with yet another Gold Medal, among other accolades.In recent years, Lu Zai has been participating actively in fundraisers for various charities. He received a token of appreciation from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for his contribution of two of his works to the Bukit Gombak Community Club’s fundraising dinner.

Blossoming Splendour, 50 x 75 cm