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Velasco Lydia

Lydia Velasco (b. 1942) is a Filipino artist whose works have been auctioned by Sotheby's and Borobudur. She is considered as an outstanding woman artist in the Philippines today. Velasco have devoted herself to the process of painting, her love for the arts is an innate calling she traces back to her childhood. Her early influence and encouragement came from her parents, who also appreciated the arts. Her father earned a meagre living and she had to help support the family as fish vendor in Malabon.

Velasco’s main aim is to explore the subject of women in her distinctive and highly personal style portraying them as strong and sensual, displaying the inner beauty and confidence of women. Velasco focuses on women, liberating them on her canvases and asserting their identity and freedom amidst a mainly patriarchal society. The women shown in her paintings appear elongated with their musculature displayed in a bronze tone, which are reminiscent of 16th century Mannerist artists. Lydia Velasco indeed reflects the essence of women. 

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