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Wong Keen

Wong Keen was born in Singapore in 1942 and at an early age developed an interest in art under the tutelage of veterans Liu Kang and Chen Wen Hsi, and became accomplished in the art of calligraphic and Chinese ink painting. He was also influenced by the Shanghai School's combination of brush expression with compositional innovation.
He held his first solo exhibition at the National Library in Singapore in 1961 prior to setting out for New York. The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) commemorated him with an exhibition called "A Singapore Abstract Expressionist" in 2007. The Museum also has sixty-three of his works as part of its permanent collection. In October 2007, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing exhibited his works in a landmark exhibition "Encounters and Journeys". In June 2010, Wong Keen participated in a much-lauded Group Show in Beijing with leading artists from China.
The familiar motifs of the lotus and the female nude are rendered in the deft strokes of a mature painter. The lotus flower, which is symbolic and of spiritual value in Asian art and in particular, the Chinese tradition, blooms and survives in diverse conditions. His study of the lotus flower is an experimentation of form, influenced by Western Expressionism.
Wong Keen is an artist who spans two worlds and two philosophies; Asian tradition and American individualism. The synthesis of Eastern and Western art makes his works stimulating to Asians and adds a facet of mystery for Western viewers.
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