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Chinese Antique Textiles

We have an exclusive collection of Chinese antique textiles from the Ching dynasty. All items are made of silk with several pieces having intricate gold thread embroidery. Accessories to Ching court attire include Rank Badges, detachable collars, sleevebands, etc.
We have a 19th century export shawl of black silk embroidery with a multitude of coloured silks designed with men and women at various pursuits in gardens with pavilions and pagodas; each corner of the shawl has a bulbous vase containing a peony; the centre is scattered with butterflies, birds and flowers. The reverse side of the shawl contains identical images in the same coloured silks. The shawl measures 1.60m with a knotted fringe. A similar shawl in ivory silk is in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
The gallery's collection includes a special collection of a set of red silk chair covers with intricate embroidery of dragons in gold thread.
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