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Ong Kim Seng

Ong Kim Seng BBM AWS DF NWS, Cultural Medallion winner, is Singapore's most famous watercolorist and stands amongst the best in the world.
A leading master in the play of light and shade, Ong Kim Seng has been hailed as the "Wordsworth of Watercolor" as his paintings evoke poetry and lyrical expression. Drawing inspiration from famous British watercolorist John Sargent Singer RA, Ong Kim Seng's paintings are fresh and full of light with "sunshine captured and held." Kim Seng is well recognised for his remarkable technical ability to capture the beauty of Nature and urban landscapes in his paintings. The interplay of subtle tones of light and shadow on various surfaces such as brick buildings and water are brilliantly manifested in his paintings.
Ong Kim Seng is the first Asian outside the United States to be a member of the American Watercolour Society (AWS). He was conferred the prestigious Dolphin Fellowship in 2000 and has won numerous awards from AWS over the past two decades.
Kim Seng continues to paint scenes and subjects in a romanticized manner. As he says, "Each one of my paintings is an expression of how and what I think and how and what I feel. Before painting each work, I go through the process in my mind so that the finished work will not merely catch the viewer's eye but will stop them in their tracks…it will create a reaction in them. I paint the world not as it is but as I want it to be."
In the past ten years, Galerie Belvedere has held numerous exhibitions for Ong Kim Seng.
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