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Sukeshi Sondhi


In honour of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Paintings by Sukeshi Sondhi

Of the many available images of Mr Lee Kuan Yew throughout the decades, Sondhi portrays a youthful image of him from the 1960s, one she calls "Man on a Mission." 

"The expression on Mr Lee's face conveys the idea that he is going to conquer the world and put us on a map...he looks regal and charismatic"

Like Warhol's depiction of famous figures such as Marilyn Monroe and John Lenon, Sondhi repeats this one image several times using different canvases to emphasise Mr Lee Kuan Yew's iconic status.

Sukeshi Sondhi

Born in India has been educated globally and now settled in Singapore. She is trained in various mediums such as, pencil and charcoal drawing, still life and representational oils with palette knife and brushwork, contemporary abstracts with acrylic, mixed media and pop art silkscreen.

The Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) commissioned two of her artworks in July 2012, and her works are held in the private collections in Singapore. New Delhi, and New York.

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